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Guardian TG100 - live video and sound through your mobile phone

Product code: TG100               

The Guardian 3G camera allows a carer to initaite a video call with two-way audio to a person living alone and in need of care.

two way video communication

How it works:

With the guardian 3G camera, a carer is able to make a video call from their mobile phone directly to the camera unit. This system provides live video to the carer and 2-way audio between carer and dependant person.

It can also be used to make voice calls if a carer is outside of a 3G area.

Insert a 3G enabled SIM card that can be either PAYG or contract and from any of the major Mobile Networks.

This simple but effective device could change the way you live.


  • It provides independence for those requiring 24/7 care and peace of mind for carers with:
  • instant video images and sound via a mobile phone call
  • any number of carer phone numbers can be pre-defined to access the Camera Unit
  • low cost security system that is simple and inexpensive to use. Just one payment and no other costs other than a mobile phone call
  • simple to install. Just place the camera on a shelf or table or fix it to a wall, and plug it into a mains socket. No cables or wiring required
  • free after sales advice and 12 month warranty
  • easy to use push button alarm that can be worn as a neck pendant, fixed to your belt or used as a key ring communication between all devices contained in the Guardian package is completely wireless.

The camera can run on standby battery. Connect the power socket to recharge the battery when needed.

Guardian Systems gives you the freedom to live safely in your own home:

  • medical emergency
  • night time disturbance
  • antisocial behaviour
  • bogus callers

Pack Contents:

  • Guardian TG100 3G Camera unit
  • Table-top stand and mains charger
  • User Guide

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