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Suitable for 2G and 3G mobile phones

MobiClip is a simple but powerful application that lets you record video clips of a remote location and send them back to your mobile phone or even to your email address

two way video communication

How it works:
Install MobiClip application on a compatible mobile phone*. Activate the MobiClip application on the phone and leave the phone at home or anywhere you want to monitor while you are away.
Wherever you are, simply text CLIP to the MobiClip phone to receive back instant recorded Video clips.
MobiClip can be set in advance to record video clips in different resolutions and send them back to you by MMS or Email, when it receives the “CLIP” command.
The software is programmed to use either the front or rear camera (if exists) based on the settings in the software.
The settings on the software are very simple and easy, and once it is done, you can leave the phone and use it straight away.
A full user manual is supplied when this Application is delivered to you.

Ever wondered?

  • what your pets are up to when you are at work?
  • who snoops around your stuff when you are out?
  • if that new baby sitter is looking after your kids properly?
  • if your car is being towed while you are away?
  • whether your holiday home is safe and secure when you are not there?
  • what the staff are up to in the office when you're not there?

There are so many other uses for MobiClip! ... What is yours?

Benefits & Features:

  • Only send a “CLIP” text message to the phone with MobiClip application installed to use it.
  • MobiClip records a video clip for a pre-set period of time, saves it on the phone or memory card, and also sends it back to the texter via MMS or Email.
  • Email can be sent via WIFI local network through the phone, or via mobile phone network.
  • Monitor your home/car/business whilst on the move
  • Works on both 2G and 3G network
  • You can also install other Mobi apps in conjunction with this application to use one at a time.

Currently you can only purchase the application from

* compatible mobile phones for this application are listed here.


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