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3G camera External IP65

Product code: SW500E                 

Suitable for monitoring industrial site, and external applications incorporates a wireless 3G camera that works without any need for wiring or internet connection.

two way video communication

How it works:

By utilising 3G networks that are widely available in Europe and most of the industrialised countries, the SW500E camera provides a unique tool to managers and sales and marketing personnel for monitoring lab or test house facilities.

Suitable for outdoor installation, SW500E camera incorporates a wireless 3G camera that works over any mobile telecommunication network wherever a 3G mobile phone signal is available, without any need for wiring or internet connection.

The SW500E camera can operate on standby battery, or connect to mains power supply.Once installed, make a video call to it from any 3G phone to view the live video and audio footage around the camera unit.

A sensor of your choice can be factory fitted to work wirelessly with the unit to provide video calls to a pre registered phone number when triggered.

This unit works with any 3G SIM card over any 3G Network, without any hidden charges.

You can use SMS commands to remotely change the settings on the 3G camera, such as adding and deleting authorised callers, changing the PIN code etc.

Similarly, battery or signal strength of the covert unit can be retrieved by SMS on request.

Benefits & Features:

  • Access anytime from anywhere:
    Managers, Staffs or clients can dial in and check on live testing at their own convenience.

  • Live video on demand:
    No need for continuous data transfer via the internet using webcams. The camera unit only transfers the video to your mobile phone on demand, providing a cheaper and more convenient solution to every party.

  • Save time and money:
    SW500E camera allows the onus for live monitoring demonstrations to be shifted from the salesmen and handed to the customer.

  • Enhance your Company profile
    It also provides a unique selling point to companies providing this hi-tech and convenient service to their customers to check the test on their own time.

  • Convenient rapid deployment
    Setting up the camera unit could not be simpler. For short period usage, the integrated battery can be used to power the unit, while the camera unit can also be connected to the mains power for permanent operation.

  • Portable
    The camera unit can be mounted to scaffolding, walls or any suitable sturdy location, while it is also portable making it suitable for monitoring multiple facilities using the same camera unit, without any need for wiring.

  • Choice of enclosures:
    SW500-C is a compact case made of ABS (UL94-HB) plastic and IP-45 rated. This case is suitable for internal use where it is protected from spillage and water splashes.
    BiBCOM also offers SW500-P case with extra option of IP65 rating, SW500-E for external installation.
    Other enclosures or custom built cases are available on request.

  • Alerts upon sensor activation:
    SW500E camera unit can be linked to BiBCOM’s patented intelligent sensors, working over Bluetooth™ connectivity to send live video, audio or text data to user’s mobile handset. Please contact for more information.

  • Recording:
    SW500E camera unit can also be supplied with a recordable DVR link on request.

Pack Contents: 

  • SW500E camera for outdoor use
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Lithium 1000mA/h backup battery
  • Mains charger and 12v adaptor (on request)

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